Summer Reading Program

Summer Reading Program 2020

Program Instructions—Everything You Need to Know

The Plymouth Public Library is going to create the longest paper chain ever made in Plymouth and walk the chain across town!
Do you want to—

  • Celebrate Plymouth
  • Support local businesses
  • Have some fun, friendly competition?

We invite you to join “Mooooving Across Plymouth: One Link at a Time!”


You will be helping to create two paper chains—

  • A personal chain kept at your house.
  • A community-wide chain kept at the public library.

It’s simple; from June 15 to August 10, every time you or someone in your household reads 25 pages, add one link to your personal paper chain. Then report your reading to the Plymouth Public Library, and the library will add a link to the community-wide chain.

Community chain—Watch the library’s website and Facebook page for updates on how long the chain is growing!

Personal Chain—How far will your chain go? Set a goal for yourself—do you want it to wrap around your kitchen table? your kitchen? your house? Post pictures of your chain on social media with the hashtag #movethecow.

Who can join?

Is this program for you? I hope so! This program is for everyone! Adults, teens, children, families, and individuals. It does not matter where you live—Plymouth resident or not—you can join us! Invite your friends and family, no matter where they live, to join this challenge! If you live alone, you can choose to work together with a friend, family member, or neighbor to create a shared personal paper chain. Ultimately, we are all working together as a community.

What can I read?

  • 25 pages of a book = one link
  • 1 picture book or 1 board book = one link
  • 25 minutes of an audiobook = one link
  • eBooks = find the number of pages in the PRINT copy of the book (use or to find the number of pages). Divide that number by 25.
    • For example, To Kill a Mockingbird has 336 pages. 336 / 25 = 13.44. Add 13 links to your paper chain.
  • Reading something else like a newspaper or a magazine? = determine for yourself how much you have to read to equal about 25 pages of a typical book.

Can I reread the same book?

Yes! When you re-read a book, add new links to your paper chain.

How do I create my personal paper chain?

Create your paper chain out of whatever supplies you have at your home. You can use copy paper, construction paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail …. You can cut the chain pieces into any size thickness and length. If you need paper to make your chain, ask the library; the library will give you sheets of paper.

How do I track my reading? How do I check in with the library?

You can track your reading via—

  • The Beanstack website
  • The Beanstack app
  • A paper log

Sign Up Using Beanstack

Beanstack, a website/app, offers a smooth, convenient way for you to record your reading without having to come into the library.

Register on Beanstack; just go to or download the app for Apple or Android. (For an easier experience, the library recommends registering for Beanstack on the Beanstack website. If you want to use the app, you could then switch to the app when you are ready to start logging your reading.)

Sign Up Using a Paper Log

Paper log—How to get the log

The library has a paper log you can use.

  • Pick up the log at the library using whatever services are open at the time—in-person or curbside.
  • Download and print a paper log from home. Click here.
  • You can also create your own paper log. Just record your reading on a piece of paper, a whiteboard… whatever!

Paper log—How to report your reading to the library

You can report your reading via–

What will you do with the paper chain?

At the end of the program, Plymouth will walk Antoinette across town. Community members will start at Antoinette, the giant Plymouth cow near the corner of Mill Street and S. Milwaukee Street. We will Moooove Antoinette by walking the paper chain across town. How far will Antoinette go!? We need your help to move her across Plymouth!

Watch for more details about this event. The date and details will depend on the current social distancing guidelines at the time.

Who wants Chamber Bucks?!

Wait, there’s more! Want some Plymouth Chamber Bucks (to get a special treat while also supporting small businesses)? Each week, the library will have a drawing for three $20 Chamber Bucks certificates. To win the drawing, you must be a current reader in the program. View the list of businesses where you can spend your Chamber Bucks.

The drawing will be a random, yet weighted, drawing. This means that the highest readers for that one-week period will have the best chances of winning the drawing. The drawing will pull reading data from the previous 7 days; this means you want to enter your reading into Beanstack weekly rather than saving it up and entering it only once or twice throughout the summer. The library will draw winners every Thursday and contact the winners via telephone. The first drawing will be June 25; the last drawing will be August 11.

People who log their reading with the library’s paper tracker will have equal chances of winning the drawing as people who log their reading on Beanstack. However, to be included in the Thursday drawing, individuals using the paper tracker need to report to the library their reading for that week by end-of-the-day Wednesday.

Who likes a sale?! — Antoinette Loves Local week

You thought that was all? We have even more! Watch for more details to come out for “Antoinette Loves Local” — a “shop local week.”

You could win a Kindle Fire, Apple AirPods, or an Amazon Echo! Shop local all week; then bring your receipts from participating businesses to the library. One valid receipt = one raffle ticket. At the end of the week, the library will draw one winner. The winner will choose which item they would like to receive.

Let’s unite this summer and Moooove Across Plymouth One Link at a Time!