Wisconsin Libraries Transforming Communities Project

Wisconsin Libraries Transforming Communities Project

In the beginning of 2020, the Plymouth Public Library, Community Ed & Rec, and Generations received the opportunity to participate in a program called Wisconsin Libraries Transforming Communities (WLTC). As part of the project, we collected surveys, and had conversations with community members to see what an ideal community would look like. We also asked what community members felt was missing from Plymouth that they would want to see in their ideal community. From that collection, we found many people enjoy our community, but we were missing events and activities for ages 10-25. After brainstorming how to address this need, our organizations came up with the idea to give our teens the platform to share their ideas and leadership. We decided to form a Plymouth Community Teen Advisory Board (TAB) to give them a voice and a platform. 

TAB will be tasked with coming up with ideas and events that can benefit the whole community. When youth are involved in decision making, they will feel ownership in the process, as well as energy and engagement in the activities and programs which will lead to a thriving community. 

TAB started meeting in April 2021 and will be an ongoing leadership group supported by the Library, Community Ed & Rec, and Generations.

How can I get involved?

As TAB comes up with ideas for events and programs, we will be promoting them to the broader Plymouth community. Please show your support by participating in these events. We will also be looking for mentors to help our teens grow personally and professionally. If you feel you have something to offer to our teens, please reach out to our Young Adult Specialist, Natalya: nkahmann@monarchlibraries.org