Plymouth Positive Posts

Remember when we filled our windows and front doors with paper hearts to support our community and foster connection? As the weather gets colder, people move indoors, and feelings of isolation and disconnection continue, imagine a big display of drawings, letters, and positive messages from your neighbors all across Plymouth.

This is just what The Plymouth Public Library, Generations, and Community Ed & Rec are organizing—a chance to uplift our community with a program called Plymouth Positive Posts.

To participate, create a “positive post”—write a letter or a poem, draw a picture, or share a piece of wisdom. The goal is to make intergenerational connections, so as you make your post, use someone who is older or younger than you as your intended audience. Then spread the word and get your family and neighbors involved!

Once all the posts are submitted, view a public display of all the letters, drawings, and more on one of the windows at the Plymouth Public Library. The three community organizations will also share images of the positive posts on their social media pages.

Submit your positive post by Wednesday, December 9 in one of the collection boxes available at the Plymouth Public Library, Generations, or Community Ed & Rec.

Need some inspiration? Check out the writing prompts below.

Prompts for children

1. When I grow up, I hope to be just like my _______________ .

2. My favorite part about visiting with my grandparents is when they _________________ .

3. One thing I most look forward to about being older is…..

4. If I could share one thing about me with my grandparents, it would be___________________.

Prompts for teens and young adults

1. When you think of others in your community, what positive words or images best describe them?

2. What are the most important life lessons you’ve learned from someone else? (i.e. family member, community worker, younger student)

3. What about Plymouth do you most hope stays the same when you’re older? (i.e. 20+ years from now)

4. What is a skill, talent or trait you have that would surprise your parents or grandparents?

Prompts for adults

1. What was your fondest memory growing up in Plymouth as a child?

2. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

3. What do you think you would enjoy about living as a young person in Plymouth today?

4. What is something about you that you think would surprise your kids or grand-kids?

Questions? Email the library at or call the library (920-892-4416) and ask for Anthony or Leslie