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If you need to update an existing account, please call us at 920-892-4416.

Borrowing Information

Loan periods for the Plymouth Public Library are outlined below.

  • Print (books and paperbacks) = 28 days
  • Print (magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, children’s holiday books) = 14 days
  • Non-print (audio/music CDs) = 14 days
  • Non-print (dvds, blu-rays, videocassettes) = 7 days

Fines and Fees

As of April 2020, the Plymouth Public Library no longer charges overdue fees for late materials. If you check out materials from the Plymouth Public Library, including items delivered from other locations to be picked up at Plymouth, you will not be charged any fines if you return them late. However, materials will be considered “lost” if they are not returned within 35 days of the due date. When an item is declared lost you will be billed for the replacement cost of the materials and unable to checkout any more materials or use our online services until the late items are returned. Once they are returned, your account will be clear of any fees and you can once again checkout materials and use our online services.

Please note, if an item is coming close to the due date and you wish to keep it longer, you are also able to renew an item up to two times, if no one is waiting for it.  Learn how to manage your account online or contact the Plymouth Public Library for further assistance.  When you are calling for assistance with your library account, please have your library card number (located on the back of your card) ready for us to look up your account.

Lost/Damaged Items

Library materials are important to our community. It is your responsibility to care for library items that are in your possession. You will be charged for the replacement cost of damaged items that are no longer able to be circulated due to liquid damage, food spills, or other mishaps. You will also be charged for the replacement cost if an item is misplaced while under your care.