The Plymouth Public Library has served Plymouth, Wisconsin since 1871.  A timeline of our growth is below.


The Hub Club raised funds to purchase books for its members. Membership dues were 25 cents per year.


The Woman’s Relief Corps established the first public reading room.


Plymouth Public Library 1901Mrs. Ames became Plymouth’s first librarian. She can be seen in the above photo standing in the doorway of the then public library. The building was situated on the northeast corner of Mill and Division Streets.


Plymouth purchased the land for the present library location. Funds for the purchase came from $3,001 raised by the Plymouth’s Woman’s Club, a $10,00 Andrew Carnegie grant, and the City of Plymouth.


The new library location opened in 1915. The building was $5,400 square feet and cost $12,500. During this time, Plymouth’s population was 3,100. The library served 1,864 card holders (943 adults and 921 juveniles) and housed 4,079 books.


The City Council approved a master plan to expand and upgrade the existing library.


Plymouth Public LIbrary 1988

The Plymouth Public Library board was awarded a $125,000 LSCA (Library Construction and Service Act) Title II grant. The library expanded its building to 16,790 total square feet and moved its main entrance from E Main Street to Division Street.


Plymouth Public Library 2017

Today, the Plymouth Public Library is managed by three full time librarians and seven part-time staff.  There are over 80,000 books/paperbacks, over 9,000 audio/visual items and over 127 different periodicals available.